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Pelican Soft Sided Tripod Cases

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Pelican Soft Sided Cases - Quality meets Affordability
Soft Sided Cases by Pelican Cases presented by Case Club.

Pelican Soft Sided Cases offer an alternative to hard Pelican Cases

Case Club's Pelican soft sided cases are great solutions for all tripods and their equipment. Each bag is designed for maximum durability, highly recommended for professional photographers and those who want to take photography to the next level. Many are equipped with straps to give the user comfort and ease of use. Each soft sided case not only has style and a professional look, but is made of a durable 600 denier poly crossweave fabric, with thick zippers to prevent damage to the items stored inside. These soft sided Pelican cases offer a great alternative from the heavy bulky Pelican case. Their lightweight design and durability will last for years and won't make your arm tired. These soft cases were designed to fit within Pelican Hard Cases. Perfect for the elite photographer and novice shooter. Use the soft case around the shoot and when it's time to transport the gear from one location to another throw the soft case in a Pelican hard case and now your setup can be shipped. Most of these soft cases by Pelican are only a little bit more than the dividers for the corresponding Pelican case which means if you're looking for dividers this could be another avenue to take.

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