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Have you ever thought of buying a pistol case or riffle case to protect your firearm, or have you ever wanted a professional military style bag for your new pistol?

Pelican weapon cases will protect your valuable firearms against rust, dirt, dust and scratches.

What are Pelican cases?

They are molded plastic containers that seal with an airtight and a watertight gasket. Most Pelican cases comply with US Military, NATO, IEC, and ATA standards for waterproofing, stacking, impact, and durability.

These cases have been molded and created in various unique designs to accommodate all types of weapons from pistols to rifles. Pelicancasesusa's extensive catalogue of cases will give you a wide variety of products to choose from. These cases have been chosen from the best manufacturers.

The beauty of a pelican case is that once you buy it, it is yours for years. These have been built with durability in mind. The only thing that will wear out after a while and long use is the interior foam, which is easily replaceable.

People that carry their weapon in the back of their cars or trucks have preferred pelican cases to avoid any damage or offloading of pistols, during their journeys as these tend to move around a lot. These suitcases have proved to be also a safe storage for rifles or pistols not only during transportation but also inside the home.

Many states have confusing laws on the various requirements on carrying or transporting pistols and rifles. Some state laws require pistols with a barrel of 16 inches or less, considered as concealable weapons, to be transported in a locked container. Pelican carrying cases are also suitable riffle cases for those long guns that are classified as assault weapons and have more stringent transportation requirements

These suitcases have catered for all types industries from gun lovers, sportsmen, military personal, medical equipment carriers to individuals that use the guns just for self defense.

The pelican case has a multi use.

Well you have just used the outdoor case to go hunting or merely carrying your pistol from one corner of the city to another. Pelican cases can have various multi functions too. By just changing the internal foam to a cut out of your choice, these cases can cater for any industrial tool or delicate equipment like your new expensive SLR camera and its fragile lenses. The pelican cases with padded inserts are also legal for carry-on board a vast majority of international airlines in terms of size.


Pelican cases are widely recommended for all purposes. Feel free to contact Pelicancasesusa for any queries or even just browse through the website through the extensive range of products.

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