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Pelican Micro Cases

Pelican Micro Case in the water

Pelican Micro Cases are Small, Tough, Pelican Cases that Pack a Punch

Whoever said big things come in small packages must have worked for Pelican Cases. These universal small Pelican cases are ideal for an active lifestyle. Their small size shouldn't fool you as these Pelican cases are made for tough conditions. Their water resistant seal keeps dust and the elements out while keeping the contents nice and secure. In a variety of micro sizes these cases are just like normal Pelican cases because of their build. Pelican Micro Cases are built to last and come with a lifetime guarantee. Injection molded with a rubber seal added later Pelican Micro cases are a travelers best friend. Their tough outer shell will not chip dent or lose it's finish, perfect for hiking, camping and traveling.

These Micro Pelican cases can hold just about anything that will fit. Feel secure storing your electronics, money, passport and other personal items in the Pelican case. Never leave your valuables behind and vulnerable to theft ever again. Fishing trip out of the country? No problem bring your Pelican Micro case with you on the sea. A hike in the Himalayas? The durable Pelican case is made for the journey. With a built in automatic purge valve, the case allows air to move in and out freely eliminating the vacuum seal often caused in high altitudes. This makes the micro case easy to open no matter what altitude your in. Would you expect anything less from a Pelican case?

Each Pelican Micro case is equipped with a large latch that snaps securely into place when needed. The latch is designed like any other Pelican case in that it will not open unless you pry it open. Feel safe and secure with a Pelican case from Case Club. We also offer the lowest prices on the web, so you can be guaranteed your micro case not only lives up to the name, but also the price.

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Micro Cases - Quality meets Affordability
Pelican Micro Cases presented by Case Club.

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