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Police Pelican Flashlight

Pelican Flashlights are like Pelican Cases, built tough and are made to get the job done

Here's the bad news. Everyday an emergency takes place where lives hang in the balance. Rescue teams nationwide voluntarily put themselves in harms way to protect those in the worst position of their lives. The good news is we're here to give you an advantage. We offer all Pelican flashlights and all Pelican Flashlight Accessories to help those who help others. All these Pelican flashlights and cases come with a lifetime guarantee and will succeed in the most demanding conditions you face. You could also say the prices are just as good as the Pelican flashlights. When your flashlight has no room for failure you can trust Pelican. Search through the Pelican Flashlights to find the Flashlight your job requires.

Pelican flashlights are the best in the business just like the cases. Used by all branches of the government and military including the Los Angeles police department, Pelican flashlights are sure to meet expectations. With recoil technology the beams of light are intense and bright. Unlike standard flashlights which produce a dim yellow beam, Pelican flashlights produce an intense bright white light. The beam of light produced by Pelican flashlights is recognized throughout the industry and widely used in harsh conditions. The light can rip through thick smoke in a burning building or light up a runway for an air traffic controller. Many Pelican flashlights have safety approvals for hazardous use such as in fuel trucks and in coal factories. All Pelican cases also can be used in hazardous jobs.

Every flashlight and case was made with much research and development beforehand. For example police flashlights such as the 7060 are designed with a push button on the side and the back of the flashlight. Their octagonal shape prevents them from rolling off the hood of a car. Plus their battery life is designed to last an entire shift plus overtime. On the other hand a firefighter flashlight such as the 3700 is designed to give bright light from the jacket pocket. Its "L" shape design sits in the jacket pocket and constantly points forward. EMS Pelican Cases are also available for firefighters.

Just like Pelican cases, Pelican flashlights come with a lifetime guarantee against breakage. If something happens to your flashlight Pelican will replace or fix it. With a guarantee like this you can't go wrong. Pelican Flashlights, bring light to darkness.

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Pelican Flashlights - Quality meets Affordability
Pelican Flashlights presented by Case Club Cases.

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