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Pelican EMS Cases
Emergency Medical Service

EMS Pelican Cases

EMS Pelican Cases bring the Tools you Need to Save Lives

Pelican EMS Cases are designed for those individuals and organizations that have careers as emergency medical technicians. Pelican EMS Cases are highly recommended for professionals such as first responders, paramedics, firemen and military medics. These aren't your average EMS cases. These EMS cases are waterproof, dustproof and crushproof. Pelican Cases will not chip dent or ever loose their finish. Pelican Cases for Emergency Medical Service have rubber overmolded handles for a no slip grip especially with medical gloves on. An automatic pressure equalization valve ensures the case can be opened in high altitudes without running into the dreaded vacuum effect in other waterproof EMS cases. The Pelican EMS Case line has a medical interior for quick organization and inventory. You may notice all pockets are transparent because any emergency medical technician knows time is a matter of life and death. Pelican EMS Cases are the ultimate medical cases for the most specialized professionals. Pelican Cases by Case Club.

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Pelican EMS Cases - Quality meets Affordability
Pelican Cases for Emergency Medical Service presented by Case Club.

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